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Solar panels

rooftop solar

Self-power your enterprise and even go off-grid


Our customers buy renewable energy from us for less than what they currently pay for electricity by opting either of the two business models:


Capex Model (Own & Operate): The consumer purchases the solar system, by making 100% of the payment upfront or financing the system, often through a financial institution. After installation, our O&M team will efficiently maintain your solar plant operations guided by a SLA (Service Level Agreement).


Opex Model (Pay as you go): We invest in the solar rooftop asset and sell the generated power to the consumer in favor of a lower power tariff. With no up-front cost, the consumer can sell excess power to the utility through net metering system.


These advantages of solar power allow you to secure predictable, long-term electricity rates to protect yourself from rising energy costs and price volatility.


solar water pumps


Solar water pumps are standalone systems that are often used in remote areas where the Grid is either unavailable or unreliable. The applications vary from irrigation to fulfillment of household demands. These systems can be integrated with drip irrigation systems for better returns. The system owner has the option to feed in the unutilized power into the grid for optimum utilization of the asset.


Farmers today are no longer just consumers of energy, an ever-increasing number are becoming power generators themselves, or even suppliers.


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