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Nepal has seen a revolution of growth, expansion and reach of higher education in the recent decade. Until the early 90s, university education in Nepal was being provided by the state.  A nation’s wealth lies in its youth, provided the youth can be turned into human resources with proper education. Realizing the crying need of the nation to retain its youth and help shape them into skilled human resource, Malla Group stepped in to the education sector of Nepal as a private sector promoter of tertiary level education in Nepal in 2005. Over the past decade, Malla Group has not only established educational institutions but has set up the necessary infrastructural and logistic support and campus environment that is conducive to teaching and learning endeavors.



Om Health Campus with the aim of meeting the country’s acute need for different human resources in health



Kathmandu World School (KWS)l offers a full-fledged high school programme from grades 1 (One) to 12 (Twelve), 



SWSC aims to provide quality education in Science, Management, and Humanities streams for undergraduate and graduate levels in Nepal .

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