96 MW 

Contributed to the National Grid

With over 90% of the country’s total electricity generation capacity generated by hydropower plants, Nepal is heavily dependent on hydro resources to meet its energy demands. Hydropower plays a particularly important role in Nepal’s economic future because of the scale of its potential.Nepal had been suffering from the chaotic energy crisis for more then a decade.During the power crisis in Nepal, Malla Group took upon itself to be part of the solution.Hence the formation of energy company took place in 2011 which decided to add 25MW to the national grid. The Company has been providing clean energy  since 2016. Our achievements in the hydropower sector range from design and successful development of one in-house hydropower projects (25 MW) and other of 69MW in Nepal.

Business Highlights:

  • Successfully generated completed the project and has been generating electricity for more then 2 years now.  

  • 2 more hydropower have successfully joined our substation 

Madi Power (P) Ltd


The company is a joint venture between China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE), a subsidiary of the China Three Gorges Corporation and Madi Power (P) Ltd. The company have constructed 25 MW project which is worth Rs 5.28 billion.The project also developed local area by focusing on sectors like education, health, employment and skill-oriented trainings for locals.Madi Power wants to emerge as a major developer of hydropower projects in Nepal. With this aim, it has acquired licenses for few projects and carrying out detailed feasibility and design works of these projects. Madi Power has got its own in-house survey, design and development department to carry out these jobs.

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